yaddasht haye aghab oftade 2

First name : ayatollah

Last name : blackni

Prod. date: so long ago

Exp date: some days ago

Ingredients : water (40%), meat (3-5%), bone (38-40%, in reverse relation to meat), beard (7%), AK-47 (10%) in each 100Kg of net weight

Attention : we guarantee that it’s a 100% phosphorous-free product!


Notes : despite aiming a naked gun to whom going to visit him on Fridays, he ha never been such able to shoot. As a consequence of massive production, both the fee and the quality is decreased together and causes such phenomenon to grow up as in the ingredients and attention mentioned above. These prehistorical trial & error products are resurrected every few years and again lay down to the next resurrection, so as not to let the earth become free from god-sent men!

But after all any death of them is called "tholme" in Islamic slang, which is never known to be correct, cause no research in that case is free of risk.

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